Guttering And Facias In Newton Abbot

Gutters, soffits and facias often get neglected at properties. They have an essential role in keeping your property dry and ventilated. Gutters are responsible for the collection and disposal of rainwater. Soffits ensure vital ventilation of your roof space and home. Facias protect your property from the elements whilst providing a fixing place for the gutters.

Ark offers a full range of services in this area, ranging from cleaning and unblocking gutters and down pipes to a full replacement system. There are many products available; guttering comes in various shapes, sizes and materials. Facias and soffits are generally wood or UPVC. We have experience in using all materials and can provide samples. Below are some examples of what is available

  • Guttering
  • UPVC systems – half round/square line/OGEE in black, white, brown and other colours to suit
  • Metal systems – Galvanised steel which can be powder coated in a range of colours
  • Aluminium systems
  • Wrought Iron Systems

The samples ensure that you are happy with the colour and products as not only are gutters, soffits and facias essential to the maintenance of your home but they can also enhance the look of your property.

Soffits ventilate the lower area of your roof space. In cold conditions condensation can build in the roof usually because there is little or no ventilation higher up which prevents full air circulation. Current building regulations direct ventilation from eaves to ridge, but of course this will not be the case in properties built prior to these regulations. To alleviate condensation problems roof vents can be fitted.

So if your gutters are leaking, blocked, need repairing or replacing or your roof isn’t ventilated please give Ark a call and we will happily offer you advice to solve your problem.